Dr. Michael Heath

Adjunct Faculty, Director of Admissions


Dr. Heath has over 30 years of ministry experience serving the Kingdom of God. He has ministered throughout the continental United States and in the countries of Jamaica, Haiti and Kenya. He has served as the Senior Pastor of established churches; as well as being a church planter. Rev. Heath currently serves as an ordained minister in the AME Church.

He believes that individuals should be taught the unadulterated Word of God while given examples of forgiveness, excellence, worship and unconditional love. He has a focus on ministry that extends beyond the four walls of the church, meeting the actual needs of the community and impacting the church’s local context. His desire is to build ministries where the worship is exciting, the music is heart piercing, and the message is relevant yet convicting and life changing.

Dr. Heath is married to his loving and supportive wife, Crystal Heath, and together they share four adult children.

Dr. Heath currently serves as an Adjunct Professor at MISSIO Theological Seminary. He has been a guest lecturer at Albright College, Temple University, the University of Valley Forge and at various conferences throughout the country, with the goal of equipping men and women with the tools needed to impact the lives of those both inside and outside the church realm.

Dr. Heath holds a Master of Divinity degree from Biblical Theological Seminary and a Doctor of Ministry Degree from MISSIO Seminary.

The Need for Self-Care