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Internal Employment Opportunities

Want to serve the Missio student body? Below are the internal positions currently available at Missio Seminary. CLICK HERE to download an application form. Submit to careers@missio.edu.

Missio Seminary has a policy of providing equal opportunity to its employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, gender, age, disability, or national or ethnic origin.

Administrative Assistant to the President

Missio Seminary has an immediate opening for an ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT to the President and Office of Strategic Relations

Director of Library Services

Missio Seminary has an immediate opening for a Director of Library Services

Technology Teaching Assistants

Missio Seminary has immediate openings for Part-Time Technology Teaching Assistants (TTAs)

Controller In The Business Office

Missio Seminary is seeking a Controller in the Business Office

Assistant Professor of Counseling and Psychology and Fieldwork Coordinator

Missio Seminary has an immediate opening for an Assistant Professor of Counseling and Psychology and Fieldwork Coordinator.

Missio Ambassador

Missio Seminary is seeking an ambassador to represent the seminary in our alumni and church networks.

Applicants should e-mail their resume and letter of interest to:

Missio Seminary
HR Office

Volunteer Opportunities

We are always looking for volunteers to serve at Missio Seminary.

Contact our HR Office directly if you are interesting in serving.

External Opportunities

Have a job opening you'd like to have posted here? Email a brief description of the opening and instructions for how to apply to careers@missio.edu. (Missio is not responsible for monitoring whether employment opportunities have been filled.)

Job Opportunities Posted in January

Valley Bible Fellowship Church is in search of a new pastor.

Valley Bible Fellowship Church, located in Lagrangeville, in the Hudson Valley region of New York
State, is seeking a pastor to come and lead the congregation.
Lagrangeville (or more accurately, Union Vale) is a rural community of 4,500 people that seeks to
retain its small town atmosphere, despite the trend of families moving into the area from the New
York City area. A few members of the congregation commute daily to their job in the city. The rural
atmosphere of the area is seen in that Dutchess County has the highest number of horses of any
county in New York State. There are still working farms in the town, including one just down and
across the street from the church. There are also three to four gun clubs in the town, including one
bordering right behind the church. Eagles and hawks perching in nearby trees often draw interested
bird-watchers to the church parking lot. Many of the newer homes in town are quite large, as the
town zoning law requires a 5 acre minimum to build a new home. As a result, the affluence of
families in the town is rising. Because it is a small town, it relies heavily on volunteers for
government services. It is one of only a few communities in the county who still maintain both a
volunteer fire company and a volunteer ambulance squad.
The congregation itself numbers about 30-35 people on an average Sunday. For a small
congregation, it is surprisingly diverse ethnically and culturally, with several families from a Hispanic
background. The ministry of the church also seeks to provide for several in the congregation who are
hearing disabled or deaf. An ASL interpreter is present at each Sunday worship service, and closed
captioning is provided for other services and meetings. A majority of the congregation are in their
60’s or older, but there are two families with children – a 5 year old boy, and two girls, 12 and 14
years old. The members of the church are also exceptionally faithful and generous in their
stewardship, and also have a willingness to serve where they are able and gifted. One member ran a
food pantry ministry, “To God Be the Glory” out of a refrigerated van for several years. He recently
passed away, and members of the congregation are continuing that ministry which helps provide
food to area churches and food pantries.
Despite the diversity within the congregation, they are united, and many have been attracted to the
church, by their desire and longing for sound Biblical preaching and teaching. During the present
pastor’s tenure, the length of messages usually run between 35 and 45 minutes. The worship service
also is Bible-focused and God-glorifying, with the music, prayers and testimonies all striving to bring
the worshippers into the presence of the Lord.
The congregation is just about evenly divided between the older faithful members, some of whom
have been with the church for decades, and newer families who have joined the church in just the
past five years or less. There is a committed love expressed for one another through prayer and acts
of caring. Over the past couple of years, the Benevolence Fund has given thousands of dollars to
members facing financial crises, as well as lesser amounts to those outside the congregation asking
for assistance.
The church meets in an old, historic building that celebrates 150 years of ministry in the “Clove” this
coming year, though part of the building is nearly 200 years old. The church also owns a mortgagefree 3-bedroom parsonage about 3 miles away from the church building.
Contact elders Charles Webb (CharlesWebb7@verizon.net ) or Tom Ward (TWard109@gmail.com)
for further information.

Summary of Position:
The Media Services Coordinator (MSC) will provide technical coordination and operation of
Proclamation’s sound, lighting, recording and projection systems, and coordinate the use of the church’s
audio-visual (A/V) resources. The MSC will oversee, personally and through volunteers, the provision of
quality A/V recording, production and post-production services as required to support the church’s
website and other broadcast venues. The MSC will report to the Church Administrator and
Administrative Assistant to the Senior Pastor.

Position Requirements:
o Comprehensive knowledge of the components and applications of sound systems for worship,
including set-up, maintenance and operation.
o Must be familiar with (or be able to learn) systems like: Adobe Creative Suite, both Mac
and Windows OS, BlackMagic Design systems (ATEM Production Studio 4K, UltraStudio
4K, etc.), Subsplash, etc.
o Comprehensive knowledge of A/V presentation and production equipment and systems and
their application and operation in worship and Christian education settings.
o Ability to recruit, coordinate, train, instruct, and lead volunteers in the use of A/V equipment.
o Comprehensive knowledge and experience in A/V production and editing.
o Ability to organize media, research, and write proposals for future AV needs and technology
systems improvements.
o Ability to perform IT support for staff and office.
o General knowledge of internet, website, phone, and other technology systems with ability to
troubleshoot and fix problems which arise with such systems.
o Support the Sunday worship services and Christian education ministry, as well as special events
and concerts. Such support may be provided on occasion by volunteers under the MSC’s
direction and supervision.

Essential Responsibilities:
o Oversee the operation and maintenance of the sanctuary A/V presentation systems, including
equipment set-up, pre-event sound and video testing and takedown for worship services,
rehearsals, and special events/performances.
o Operate and provide administration and maintenance of the A/V Production Room.
o Coordinate, schedule, and provide leadership of part-time volunteers for events requiring setup, pre-event testing, takedown and operation of A/V equipment throughout the facilities.
o Provide general A/V recording, production and post-production support to church ministries, as
well as outside organizations utilizing the church facilities as approved by the Church
o Coordinate, schedule, and provide maintenance of the church’s A/V equipment.
o Oversee audio CD and DVD duplication and distribution.
o Assist with the development and maintenance of A/V presentations.
o Provide archival services for all A/V recordings of church ministry services and events.
o Promptly edit and upload Sunday school audio, sermons, and other media to the website.
o Assist with website and app management.
o Offer advice for new technology purchases and/or development of budget.

Required hours (20 hrs/wk):
– Sundays (8:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.)
– 1-2 Weekdays (preferred: Wednesday evenings and one weekday of choosing)
– Potential remote work
– Special events, as needed
Note: This is an independent contractor (Form 1099) position. The desired number of hours to be
worked per week is 20. Hourly rate of pay will be provided by the Church Administrator during the
interview process. Interested applicants should submit their resumes to Henry Oestreich at

MANNA CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP (Manna) is a dynamic and vibrant evangelical,
inter-denominational chaplaincy at Princeton University focused on thoughtfully engaging the
pluralistic university community with a coherent worldview grounded in the Christian gospel.
Manna seeks a qualified individual to manage aspects of this thriving organization of
approximately 90 students. Under the auspices of Manna’s Executive Director, the Women’s
Senior Ministry Fellow would work closely with Manna’s multiple (typically 2-4) full- and part-time
staff in developing a robust ministry that that empowers students to appreciate the holistic
implications of the gospel of Jesus Christ for all of life, including their vocations and studies. The
ideal candidate would possess demonstrated ministry leadership in campus contexts. The
majority, though not all, of Manna’s constituents are from Korean- and other Asian-American
backgrounds. The SMF must have a familiarity and sensitivity towards these cultural nuances.
The Women’s Senior Ministry Fellow will also be responsible for evaluating the ministry on a
regular basis and reporting to the Executive Director and the Board of Trustees.

The responsibilities of the Women’s Senior Ministry Fellow (SMF) fall into three categories:
Spiritual Development, Campus Engagement, and Administration. It is anticipated that roughly
ninety (90) percent of the SMF’s time will be spent doing spiritual development and campus
1. Spiritual Development:
• Women’s Ministry – The SMF will cultivate and oversee opportunities for the women in Manna
to grow spiritually, vocationally, and relationally through both women-only and gender-inclusive
avenues such as bible studies, social gatherings, theological discussions, discipleship
relationships, and counseling sessions.
• Large Group Leadership and Teaching – The SMFs shall be responsible, along with the
Executive Director, for Manna’s weekly Saturday night large group meetings. The SMFs will
oversee the Saturday night program, including the flow of worship and ministry segments.
Although the Executive Director will serve as the primary large group preacher, the SMFs should
expect to assume teaching duties 2-4 times each semester. Messages should be 25-30 minutes
in length and should focus primarily upon biblical exegesis with a gospel hermeneutic. These
messages should challenge the students both spiritually and intellectually in a manner
contextualized to Princeton students.
• Small Group Ministries – The SMF will oversee Manna’s small groups. They will be expected
to lead 1-2 groups in conjunction with student leaders, and support staff and student leaders as
needed. The SMF should ensure that the class-based curricula and topical teaching content for
small groups are effective and biblically sound.
• Retreats – Manna hosts a fall retreat (with an average attendance of 70 students) and a
second retreat, community outreach project, or a similarly scaled project in the spring. The SMF
will oversee the retreats/project, including budget, speaker, and logistics.
• Discipleship – The SMF shall disciple appropriate members of the staff and students, as well
as oversee the Manna discipleship program.
• Counseling – The SMF shall also serve as a counselor to students as needs arise. The
majority of Manna’s constituents are from Asian and Asian-American backgrounds. The SMF
should have a familiarity and sensitivity towards these cultural nuances.
• Ministry Oversight – The SMF will oversee additional aspects of Manna’s programming,
including our interns, student leadership team, community events, and training materials.
2. Campus Engagement:
• Public Lecture Series – The SMF shall, with the consultation of Manna alumni and staff, invite
1-3 guest speakers during the academic year to engage the campus on relevant issues.
• Cross Fellowship Unity – The SMF shall also serve as a liaison to the Office of Religious Life
and to the other chaplaincies on campus seeking to promote unity of the body without
compromising the purity and integrity of the gospel and Manna’s witness on campus.
3. Administration:
• Yearly Updates – Each quarter, the SMF shall be responsible for delivering an update to the
board, alumni and advisors on the progress of the ministry.
• Oversight of Staff – The SMF shall preside over weekly meetings with staff and student
leaders to facilitate good communication amongst the leaders of Manna.
• Fundraising – While the position has a guaranteed salary, the SMF is expected to raise 50% of
their salary through personal fundraising, and support the Manna Executive Director and Board
in organizational development efforts as needed. Manna Christian Fellowship will support the
SMF personal fundraising campaign with training and other support.

Candidates should have at least 4 years of relevant experience, preferably with campus ministry
experience. They must be spiritually mature Christians with a devotion to the Scriptures and
prayer, modeling excellence in their personal and vocational life, with demonstrated gifts in
spiritual leadership and mentoring. Manna values its community orientation and the Senior
Ministry Fellow should be able to foster a grace-centered community through active involvement
in the lives of the students. Other necessary qualities include: fast learner, excellent written and
verbal communication skills, proactive in every aspect of the position, passion for the university
and students, and intellectual grasp of the strategic role of the university in our culture.
Bachelor’s degree is required. Masters-level degree in theology, ministry, or counseling is also
preferred, with a firm grasp and appreciation for applying the gospel to every part of life and
culture and an openness to and/or ability to navigate the Reformed theological categories which
have shaped the fellowship. Evidence of counseling abilities is also required.
Compensation will be salaried (with some fundraising expectations) and competitive and
commensurate with experience and training. Located in Princeton, NJ.
Interested applicants should send a cover letter and resume to manna@princeton.edu

Job Opportunities Posted in December

New Life Presbyterian Church, Dresher

Custodian Job Description (Part-time, up to 15 hours/week)

New Life Presbyterian Church, Dresher  (https://newlifedresher.org/) is looking for a proactive, efficient church custodian who is willing to be trained in proper cleaning methods. The church custodian will work as part of a facility maintenance team to ensure that all publicly accessible areas of the church, nursery areas, classrooms and offices are clean and ready for other staff members and the congregation to use.

To be a successful church custodian, you should be observant, respectful, self-motivated, be willing to work as part of a flexible team and committed to providing church members, visitors, and staff with a clean, orderly place to worship and congregate. You should also be knowledgeable about proper chemical handling and cleaning techniques.

Church Custodian Responsibilities:

  • Maintaining clean church facilities by performing weekly duties and daily spot cleaning in all public areas of the building, including bathrooms, sanctuary, kitchens, lobby, auditorium, offices, and meeting rooms.
  • Working with other maintenance team members and church staff to ensure that all areas are cleaned and stocked with necessary items.
  • Observing proper chemical handling procedures when working with cleaning agents, including wearing gloves, goggles, or masks and following written or verbal instructions.
  • Performing minor maintenance, such as changing light bulbs and restocking bathrooms and kitchen sundries.
  • Assisting with event preparations and clean-up.
  • Taking inventory of cleaners and other supplies and submitting requests when items need to be replenished.
  • Interacting with church staff and visitors in a respectful, positive manner.

Church Custodian Requirements:

  • High school diploma or equivalent.
  • Custodial experience and/or willingness to be trained.
  • Understanding of cleaning techniques and safety procedures.
  • Ability to lift up to 50 lbs and pass a background check.
  • Good communication, comprehension, and interpersonal skills.
  • Flexibility to adjust working schedule to suit the needs of the church. This will include weekday and some weekend hours.
  • Motivation to work independently or with others to provide thorough, efficient custodial services to the church.


This position reports directly to the church Facility Manager and coordinates efforts with another custodian.  Contact Steve Daly (steve.daly@newlifedresher) for more information.

FULL TIME/PART TIME: Full Time (Tuesday-Sunday, + evenings, and overnights as required)
PURPOSE/MISSION OF THE POSITION: The Youth Associate Pastor will be part of a youth ministry team with a
focus on fellowship, welcoming, missions, and worship aspects of the youth group. The candidate will
especially direct his/her time to caring for adult volunteer teachers/small group leaders, as well as fostering a
community and fellowship among both the adult/student volunteers. This will be a role where one will have to
work in tandem with the youth pastors who are currently serving and assisting, as needed.
UNIQUENESS OF THE ROLE: This is a unique ministry opportunity where you are working with multiple
generations and multiple cultures. It is critical that the incoming candidate can develop healthy relationships
not only with our youth, their parents, adult volunteers/teachers but also with our Korean-speaking and
English-speaking congregations’ leaderships.
● Preaching on a rotational basis
● Developing and implementing a system of shepherding (recruiting, training, assessing, and supporting)
new and current volunteer staff to serve joyfully for the long term in the youth ministry
● Developing and implementing a system of integrating newcomers into the body-at-large
● Teaching/training and care of the volunteer teachers and staff
● Helping lead Friday night events and activities
● Getting to know youth and families (home visits, sporting events, graduations, etc.)
● Planning and preparing for the summer and winter retreats
● Overseeing and executing fellowship and outreach events
● Engaging and improving social media presence (Facebook, Instagram, and website)
● Attending weekly staff meetings
● Able to work alongside and communicate with Parents.
● Other duties as needed
● Clear testimony of faith in Jesus Christ
● A deep-seated heart for youth ministry
● Graduate of an accredited seminary
● Minimum 1-3 years of experience of youth ministry is preferred but not required
● Proficient in computer and smartphone usage
● Administrative skills and working knowledge of MS Office Suite/Google Drive, etc.
● Ability to communicate clearly and effectively through verbal and written means
MATERIALS FOR SUBMISSION (to begin process):
● Resume
● Youth ministry experience and philosophy (1-2 pages)
● 2 sermons (audio or video files)
Please submit all materials to Please submit all materials listed below via email to JobsYG@odpcec.org with
the subject heading, “Youth Associate Pastor.”

Bethel Korean Presbyterian Church

Bethel Korean Presbyterian Church in Ellicott City, Maryland is seeking an Assistant Director/Pastor who loves to journey alongside youth in helping them to see more of Jesus in their lives as they commit to becoming mature disciples of Jesus into Christian adulthood.  Bethel Youth Group (BYG) strives to be a ministry that is relational and emphasizes “people-keeping” over program-maintenance.  We seek to invite the Holy Spirit’s work into our ministry by making small groups the heartbeat and engine of Christian discipleship.  Our desire is to build meaningful partnerships so that our students realize and witness that God is also at work outside the walls of the church including in the lives of their homes, schools, neighborhoods, and beyond.


We are seeking someone who:

  • Loves Jesus and His church and walks faithfully in dependence on God
  • Enjoys talking with and journeying alongside youth as they live in the unique crossroads of youth/adolescence entering adulthood
  • Has experience leading and teaching the Bible in both small and large group settings
  • Is currently enrolled as a student or has completed theological training at an accredited seminary with a commitment to reformed teaching


Specifics about the position:

You will have an opportunity to help shape the landscape of youth ministry at Bethel under the direction of our current Youth Pastor.  The position is offered as a half-time (20 hrs) position with the possibility of full-time for the right candidate.  Responsibilities include but are not limited to leading small groups, teaching the Bible and a Gospel-based curriculum, assisting with and planning worship services, engaging in discipleship meetings with students, and attending meetings as needed.  The anticipated start date is January 2022, but is flexible for the right candidate.


How to Apply:

For consideration, please submit a one-page cover letter and resume to Brian Ryu, Youth Pastor, brianryu@bethelchurch.org.  We welcome any questions about the position.  Female candidates are especially encouraged to apply.

“A Church United in Service to Christ”
525 Princess Anne Street | Fredericksburg, VA 22401 | (540) 371-1153
Shiloh Baptist Church (New Site) is a historic, predominantly African American congregation located in
downtown Fredericksburg, VA. We are seeking a pastor to lead the Church in all aspects of ministry by
performing duties and responsibilities to include the following:
• Proclaim the Word of God through biblically sound, inspirational, and relatable preaching, insightful
and relevant teaching, and Christ centered personal modeling;
• Provide spiritual and organizational leadership and training to the associate ministers, ministry
leaders, church staff, and membership in a manner that fulfills the church mission and vision,
enhances operational procedures, provides impactful outreach, and empowers the Church to
navigate through crises and change;
• Ensure worship services, ministry activities, and Christian Education studies are meaningful and
transformational for all ages;
• Provide leadership for the development and growth of thriving ministries for children, youth, and
young adults;
• Ensure a church environment that is inclusive and welcoming to an increasingly diverse community;
• Exercise personal leadership in pastoral care and shepherding of the church membership with
special emphasis on the hospitalized, shut-in, and bereaved;
• Nurture the mental, spiritual, and emotional health of the congregation and administer a plan to make
referrals as necessary and quickly respond to crisis situations within the membership;
Candidates led to apply are invited to visit: https://www.shilohnewsite.org/leadership to review the
vacancy announcement and application and to learn more about who we are as a congregation.
Questions may be forwarded to Deacon Nathaniel Harley, Jr. at sbcns.pastorsearch@gmail.com.
Applications will be accepted through February 15, 2022.
We look forward to God directing us to the person already ordained to serve as our next pastor.

Job Opportunities Posted in November

Do you love Christ’s Church? Do you have a passion and heart for church planting and church
revitalization? Do you love being a part of building something from the ground up?
St. Paul’s Church is looking for a pastoral intern. St. Paul’s is an older congregation partnering
with the Christian Conservative Congregational Conference (4Cs) in order to replant. St. Paul’s is
about 45 minutes from Philadelphia in Pottstown, PA.
This is a part time position. 15-20 hours a week. Some work could possibly be done from home.
This position would start in January but depending on the situation it is possible to start sooner.
Compensation would be 10-15K a year depending on the right fit.
We are looking for someone who isn’t just here for a job but loves Christ’s church and wants to
be a part of our church family. This person will work closely with the replant Pastor. They will
have shared biblical convictions, outstanding biblical character, and specific competencies in
worship, technology, and social media.
1. Love for God and his Word.
2. St. Paul’s is confessionally reformed and baptistic in conviction.
3. Agreement with the 4Cs Statement of Faith: https://www.ccccusa.com/aboutus/statement-of-faith/.
1. Love of God and love of others.
2. Character of an elder as expressed in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9.
3. Flexibility – church planting and church revitalization are often very fluid and constantly
changing and evolving.
4. Someone who loves to learn.
5. Someone who thrives with ethnic and generational diversity.
1. Website upkeep. We will use Church Plant Media’s custom CMS.
2. Social Media: familiarity with Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.
3. Streaming (power point slides and music) during worship. The ability to help lead
worship is a bonus.
4. Communication: engage in various weekly, monthly, and yearly communications within
the church body.
5. Office duties as needed.
6. Help assisting the pastor with teaching, preaching, and pastoral ministry as needed.
If this internship interests you, please reach out to Pastor Will Turner at

Job Opportunities Posted in October

Director of Youth Ministries
General Responsibilities: Jarrettown United Methodist Church is looking to invest in a highly creative leader to focus on building a youth program for 7-12th grades. The right person will focus on building relationships with our small group, then growing the group and integrating our current 4-6th grade “tween” group as they age out. This is a part-time position with growth possibilities.
The right candidate will have:
• experience and/or knowledge of youth ministry programming and will be able to plan a program from the ground up.
• have a strong Christian faith and will be provided with the opportunity to further their education as the work with us in Christ.
Specific Responsibilities:
1. Reach out to youth in the church and community with the Good News of the Lord Jesus Christ.
2. Identify adult volunteers to assist in youth activities and special events. (Jarrettown has several adults who are very supportive of youth programs.)
3. Plan and implement age appropriate activities for Middle and High School age youth that promote community through fellowship, fun and faith development.
4. Work with support from the Pastor and Ministry Director to develop regular programming.
5. Be a part of the worshiping community of Jarrettown UMC on a regular basis.
6. Encourage youth participation in some of the many mission opportunities at Jarrettown UMC.
Position Requirements:
1. Demonstrate Christian character and commitment in daily life and the ability to articulate a personal faith journey – be a good role model.
2. Ability to organize and implement programs and activities.
3. Criminal & Child Abuse background checks.
Personal Requirements: High standards in attitude, outlook, and morals, with an awareness of the importance of example. Enthusiasm!
Expectations: Ten hours per week (negotiable). Salary (negotiable).
Accountability: Responsible to the Pastor and Staff Parish Relations Committee.

For more information on this position, please contact

Jean Graber, Ministry Director


Alpha Care currently has 2 employment opportunities.

Please review their site listed below, for more details on these opportunities.


River Vale Community Church (RVCC) is located in River Vale, New Jersey in the
northeastern corner of the state. We are less than 25 miles from New York City and an easy
drive to the mountains or the beach. We are in a beautiful area of the Pascack Valley, with many
parks, golf courses and open space all around us. Our schools are excellent and we have been
ranked as one of the best and safest places to live.
RVCC has a rich history of 100 years of ministry. One of the main goals of our small but
welcoming church is to foster growth. We envision this growth in many areas: in our faith, in our
spiritual health, and in our outreach to the community around us. As an Evangelical Free (EFCA)
church, we are congregationally led, but place a high emphasis on pastoral leadership. We are
hopeful and ready for the Lord to move us into the next 100 years!

Job Description
The Senior Pastor shall be a man of true Christian experience and proven character. He
shall serve as an overseer, watching over God’s flock. (I Peter 5:2-4; Acts 20:28) For those who
are called to serve, certain criteria have been laid out in the scriptures. These criteria stress high
personal standards to which each is continually pressing on to take hold of and striving towards
(Philippians 3:12-14). Keeping in mind that no one has “already been made perfect,” any person
holding a Church position of leadership should be:
● A person of moral and spiritual character. (I Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:6-9; 1 Peter 5:1-3)
● A person who is an example of Christian living that others would want to
follow-temperate, sensible, hospitable, respectable, gentle, self-controlled. (I Peter 5:3;
Philippians 3:17, 1 Corinthians 11:1; II Thessalonians 3:7, 9; 1 Timothy 3:2-3)
● Committed to the reading and study of God’s Word and able to apply it effectively. (Acts
● A teacher and defender of the faith, firmly committed to historic and apostolic doctrine. (I
Timothy 3:2; Titus 1:9)
● Of good reputation. (I Timothy 3:7)
● Someone who is not a recent convert. (I Timothy 3:7)

1. Qualifications
a. Live by and uphold the EFCA Confession of Faith (https://www.efca.org/sof)
b. Be empowered by the Holy Spirit to do the Lord’s work. (I Timothy 3:1; Acts 20:28; I Peter
c. As God permits, be gifted in one or more of the following areas:
● Preaching
● Administration
● Teaching
● Vision
● Evangelism
● Shepherding
● Mission Awareness

2. Responsibilities
a. The Senior Pastor as an Overseer and Under-Shepherd is thus an Elder.
b. Preach and teach the Word of God according to Ephesians 4:11-12.
c. Have general oversight of the spiritual life of the congregation.
d. Have the responsibility to oversee the church services and administer the
Ordinances of the Church.
e. Perform the duties of conducting weddings, funerals, and those normally
associated with the position of an ordained or licensed Senior Pastor.
f. Maintain an active visitation program to persons both within the congregation
and in the community.
g. Encourage and train the congregation in the work of ministry.
h. Submit a report of his activities at the Annual and Semi-Annual Congregational
i. Be a voting member of the Executive Board and the Elders.
j. Serve as an ex-officio member on all other boards and committees of the Church.
k. Give guidance to the other members of the Pastoral Staff, delegating
responsibility and authority where appropriate, establishing priorities in the
ministries, and promoting the effective functioning of the total staff.
1. The Senior Pastor is responsible to the Membership and is accountable to the

Financial Information
Full-Time Salary (Available upon request)
Free Housing
● Parsonage included
● All utilities covered

● Full Health Benefits (no contributions required for premiums)
● Paid vacation time
● Sick leave
● Holiday pay
● Personal days as needed
● Jury duty pay
● Clergy Sabbatical
● Flexible work schedule
● Retirement contributions

Every Good Gift, a job training ministry for young single mothers from generational poverty, has an opening for a Child Care Leader. The position involves working with volunteers and providing child care for the children of EGG employees. This is a 12-hour per week position at our Kensington location. Candidates should have a basic understanding of child development, experience working with babies, toddlers, and young children, concern for young women in need, and deep Christian faith. To learn more about Every Good Gift visit www.everygoodgift.org. If interested, submit your resume to jillpage@everygoodgift.org

Every Good Gift, a job training ministry for young single mothers from generational poverty, has an opening for a part-time Business Manager.  This is a 20-hour per week position that primarily involves working in Glenside, PA.  Candidates should have education and experience in business and marketing.  To learn more about Every Good Gift visit www.everygoodgift.org.  If interested, submit your resume to jillpage@everygoodgift.org.