Master of Arts

The Master of Arts program is for students who desire to study the Word of God and want to enhance their awareness of how they are a part of the mission of God in bringing righteousness, justice, and peace to the world. Students may choose from two tracks: Missional Theology or Biblical Studies.

MA Theology/Bible students unpack how the character of God is progressively revealed in the biblical story that eventually presents us the good news of the Gospel. They examine how a holy God pursues relationship with unholy creatures, to reconcile fellowship, transform the ungodly, and restore the broken and disfigured; and they see that this is the mission to which He calls us, as well.

Our entire curriculum is used to train in missional leadership, understand God’s word from a Christotelic perspective, and instruct in a way that encourages students to go and be the message of God to a hurting culture. While our approach to the Bible and theology is practical and will equip you for real life ministry, this MA is a great program for students who desire to pursue further academic study in the Bible or theology.

All classes and programs are available on-line. The majority of our on-line classes are in a synchronous format. This means that you can engage with your professors and classmates from the comfort of your own home! For more information please contact our admissions department here

Why a Master of Arts

The MA Missional Theology track program will enable students to understand the mission of God in the world and their place in it. The program is designed to provide graduate theological study for men and women desiring to strengthen their spiritual basis for life and work whether in a secular career ministry or in a church ministry. This 48-credit MA rigorously engages students in the theological and cultural ideas of our day, from a biblically missional perspective. Students will learn the key persons, ideas, and movements in the history of theology and the Christian tradition, along with their significance today

Our MA Biblical Studies track program provides in-depth studies of the Bible, in the original languages, from a missional perspective. Students focus on the Old Testament or the New Testament to fulfill the 48 credits of the program. The degree offers each student the opportunity to interact and dialogue with both faculty and fellow students in the program, enhancing both intellectual and vocational growth.

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Whether you are looking for more information regarding a program, scheduling a visit, starting the application process, or just wanting to talk to someone about your dreams, our admissions department is always available to assist you and answer any question that you might have.

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