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Whether full-time, part-time, or bi-vocational, our programs are designed to prepare and empower you to better follow Jesus in the world. We offer a wide range of practical ministry programs with education and training that is biblical, contextual and relevant to today’s fast-paced world. Whether you’re looking to gain a counselling license, pastor a church, serve overseas, or advance your theological understanding to better serve your community, Missio has a program and class schedule that can work for you.

All classes and programs are available on-line. The majority of our on-line classes are in a synchronous format. This means that you can engage with your professors and classmates from the comfort of your own home! For more information please contact our admissions department here.

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Degree Programs Available at Missio

Thinking about pursuing a seminary education to strengthen your ministry? Missio offers many learning opportunities for degree seekers. Are you considering theological studies or professional pastoral education? Do you need advanced training in counseling or theological Advanced Cultural Studies classes to strengthen your English skills? Missio offers a variety of classes for a variety of vocational and continuing educational needs.

Online classes are offered throughout the year in theology and biblical studies. Courses vary from six to twelve weeks in duration and require weekly interaction with the professor and peers through discussion forums, collaborative activities, and online chatting. Students in the Master of Divinity or Master of Arts programs may take up to 30% of their program online.

Masters And Counseling Degree Options

Master of Arts in Ministry

Any person who desires to lead a ministry within his or her community will be assisted by our MA in Ministry core curriculum of practical theology, biblical studies, and theology. Also, the flexibility of electives offered in this program allows you to custom tailor your education to meet your specific ministry needs.

Encouraging students to explore the character of God within the context of the unfolding drama of Scripture’s story is our goal. MAM students are equipped to understand the Scriptures fully and to apply them practically to their community and context.

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Master of Arts, Missional Theology

MA Missional Theology students are those who desire to study the Word of God and want to enhance their awareness of how they are a part of the mission of God in bringing righteousness, justice, and peace to the world.

Our entire curriculum is used to train in missional leadership, understand God’s word from a Christotelic perspective, and instruct in a way that encourages students to go and be the message of God to a hurting culture. Our approach to theology is practical and will equip you for real life ministry.

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Master of Arts, Biblical Studies

Connecting with God’s vision and purpose through the study of His Word is a rewarding endeavor. The students in our MA Biblical Studies program delve deeper into the Bible, gaining an awareness of the passion Jesus had for all of us. This passion will often leave the reader asking more questions.

By choosing Old or New Testament tracks, students will grow in their knowledge of the Bible and its missional perspective. They will also develop the ability to humbly interpret and apply the Bible in light of history, culture, and genre.

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Master of Divinity

The Master of Divinity is the foundational degree for Christian vocation. Our entire curriculum has been crafted in pursuit of learning and growing in love for the missional character of God and to train leaders to shepherd God’s people in His global Kingdom mission within each community’s distinct context.

It is through Missio’s MDiv that we are ever mindful of this rich, Gospel-shaped vision as we study the church, conscious that we do so as one small part of a global community that God’s Spirit has cultivated.

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Master of Theology

The ThM is a degree in biblical and theological studies that focuses on biblical exposition and hermeneutics. It builds upon the MDiv degree by challenging students to explore theological and biblical issues in missional theology more deeply; develop their skills in missional hermeneutics; and continue their education through advanced methods and disciplines of critical thinking, research, and writing in preparation for doctoral study, teaching, or other ministry pursuits.

Our ThM offers a specialization in hermeneutics and biblical interpretation while focusing on exegesis and exposition in Hebrew and Greek languages.

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Pre-Doctoral Program

The Missio Pre-Doctoral Program provides a pathway for students who have achieved a master’s-level graduate degree in a non-theological area of study that will facilitate a Master of Divinity equivalency.

The program also provides a way for those who have not yet completed a graduate-level degree in theological study. Upon completion of the required courses a student may receive a Certificate in Ministerial Studies or achieve a Master of Arts Degree depending on the prior level of study and the student’s particular circumstances.

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Doctor of Ministry

Are you engaged in ministry and looking for ways to equip yourself with the skills needed to continue reaching your community? Missio offers advanced studies that train men and women to become practical, advanced missional leaders in their churches and ministries. Regardless of whether you are in ministry professionally or as a lay leader, our courses will help you obtain a robust knowledge of theology and culture along with the tools to gain the wisdom to become an effective leader.

Whether you are looking to develop a theology of cities based on Scripture, reinvigorate an established church or organization, or learn to interpret Scripture in a way that leads to effective communication, our Doctor of Ministry program offers exciting and challenging courses.

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Master of Arts in Counseling

Our MAC students are those who are drawn to walk alongside hurting people, seeking to be conduits of God’s healing to emotional and relational brokenness. Missio prepares them to skillfully apply the grace and truth of the Gospel first to their lives and then to those of their counselees.

Students are equipped for professional and non-professional counseling contexts, as they learn effective evidence-based counseling skills from faculty who are practicing clinical counselors. The MAC program is tailored to Pennsylvania state licensure requirements.

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Certificate of Social Enterprise

Have you ever dreamed about being a social entrepreneur? Do you have an idea but just don’t know how to get it off the ground? Whether you are just getting started or you are already working on an idea, this certificate program is a great place to build and brand your entity. As a social entrepreneur, it’s important to have the tools, resources, and a supportive community that will help you achieve your dream and create positive change in your community. Whether you want to make a difference in climate change, civil or human rights, education, youth development, health and wellness or other issues, the Certificate in Social Enterprise will help you establish your company.

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Certificate in Christian Counseling

If you are looking for graduate-level training to equip you with counseling skills but are not sure you want our full MA in Counseling degree, then this certificate program may be just what you are looking for. Courses within the certificate program will emphasize helping/counseling skills, an understanding of a broad range of human struggles, and how we grow and change.

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Certificate in Advanced Professional Counseling

The Certificate in Advanced Professional Counseling is designed for any student with a completed master’s-level degree in counseling who desires to pursue licensure and is in need of more credits or courses. Prospective students must have a completed MA in Counseling with a minimum grade point average of 3.0. Any person seeking entry into the CAPC must also complete an application that includes an official transcript from an accredited graduate institution.

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Counseling Licensure

In order to achieve licensure as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), counselors typically need to fulfill requirements in three areas: academic, national examination, and counseling hours.

Our 60-hour Master of Arts in Counseling degree is designed for students who wish to pursue licensure in the Commonwealth of PA. In addition, many of the courses assist students and alumni in other states to also pursue licensure.

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Converting CCEF Credits

In order to achieve licensure as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), counselors typically need to fulfill requirements in three areas: academic, national examination, and counseling hours.

Missio provides the opportunity for CCEF students to possibly convert their non-accredited CCEF credits to accredited credits.

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Master of Arts in Ministry with Counseling Concentration

Our Master’s in Ministry Program is a highly customizable degree that provides three distinctive tracks of study. Included in those options is the Counseling track that combines core Bible and theology courses with core counseling courses.

The Counseling concentration is designed to prepare students to use basic counseling competencies in a church environment.

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Master of Divinity – Language Program with Counseling

Our MDiv program is unmatched in preparing ministry leaders for the 21st century. However, many pastors and church personnel would like additional training in helping others.

The Counseling concentration is designed to prepare students to use basic counseling competencies in a church environment.

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Non-Degree And Certificate Programs

Advanced Cultural Studies

The ACS program is for any student desiring a theological education whose primary language is not English, no matter where he or she is from. Typical English language training can fall short of equipping students for graduate-level ministry study. Students face many issues in moving to a strange land with confusing customs and little access to the help they need.

Advanced Cultural Studies is designed to provide instruction for graduate-level students in need of focused academic training in the English language, cultural awareness, and theological terminology in addition to regular program courses at Missio.

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Certificate in Biblical Studies

Biblical studies is the in-depth look at the message of the whole Bible, including its original language, context, and overall mission and purpose. At Missio we teach that the entire Bible points to Jesus Christ and His mission. From the Old Testament to the New Testament we see the writers pointing to Christ and instructing us in the mission of God.

Through our Certificate in Biblical Studies program we teach students to keep Christ at the center of ministry. We seek to inspire them to do ministry in creative and unique ways that will engage their community. We hope to sharpen and focus the vision of churches to be about and for the work of Christ.

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Certificate in Missional Theology

Anyone who wants to study the Word of God is welcome. Students will grow in their knowledge of the Bible and its missional perspective and in their ability to humbly interpret and apply it in light of history, culture, and genre.

The Certificate in Missional Theology was created to assist missional Christians who desire to enhance their awareness of how they are a part of the mission of God to bring righteousness, justice, and peace to those they serve.

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Certificate in Advanced Pastoral Studies

The Certificate in Advanced Pastoral Studies is designed for students who have completed a graduate ministerial degree (e.g., MDiv, MA in Ministry) OR students who have completed an academic MA in religious studies and who have at least three years of ministry experience.

This certificate program offers courses that are taught for application to ministry. It offers each student the opportunity to interact and dialogue with both faculty and fellow students in the program, enhancing both intellectual and vocational growth. In addition, this program provides an opportunity to continue study at the doctoral level.

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Audit Any Class We Offer

Missio encourages everyone to take advantage of the wide range of courses offered at the seminary. Most individuals enroll for academic credit in pursuit of a degree program. An auditor is extended the opportunity to enroll in classes for personal enrichment without receiving academic credit, as space allows.

Auditors do not need to complete out-of-class assignments and will not receive a grade for the course. Audited courses would not be eligible for transfer into any program at Missio since auditors are not matriculated students.

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Global Trauma Recovery Institute

Trauma is the mission field of the 21st century. Trauma disrupts life, dissolves relationships, and hinders faith development wherever it is experienced. As an expression of the Gospel, missional Christians follow Jesus into the world to care for the least of these suffering the effects of trauma.

We provide high quality continuing educational resources, skills training, and case consultation for mental health clinicians, ministry leaders, and professionals interested in addressing the needs of psychosocial trauma victims in the United States and around the world.

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Summer Counseling Institute

Every summer we offer special topic courses that help counseling students and professionals maintain their continuing education requirements. Past course topics have included dealing with abuse in the church, healing trauma in international settings, Christian counseling in the postmodern context, and one-session coaching techniques.

Classes are open to everyone.

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Counseling Continuing Education

Continuing Education is a requirement for all Licensed Professional Counselors. Wouldn’t it be convenient to attend Continuing Education Classes taught by a local counselor with expertise in your area of interest, that you could interact with beyond the training? We can help! Every year the Missio Graduate School of Counseling offers graduate-level counseling and psychology courses that may be of interest to you for your continuing education needs.

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PULPIT Program

PULPIT is a monumental program for Missio Seminary and will equip pastors in the Philadelphia metro region with effective strategies to thrive personally and professionally. The program will involve expert teaching/training developed by Dr. Taunya Tinsley and Dr. Kyuboem Lee, small group learning, large group retreats, multi-generational cohort-based peer groups, and individual activities.

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