Called to follow Jesus into the world

God calls us to join him as he builds his church – to take the gospel to the whole world, to serve the least and the lost, and to practice our faith in our communities. God longs for servant-leaders who are bold enough to proclaim the gospel not only with their voices but with their lives. We long to see God make all things new and see his kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.

A purpose bigger than us all

Being missional means we participate in God’s mission of hope, healing, restoration, and reconciliation.

Being missional means we believe in God’s narrative of timeless and transformative truths found in the Bible.

Being missional means we respond to God’s great purpose of working through ordinary individuals to make an extraordinary difference in our neighborhoods and around the world.

Therefore, Missio Seminary trains and equips leaders to be missionally-minded and to be better prepared to serve in God’s mission of redemption and restoration—his purpose that is bigger and beyond all of us—to follow Jesus into the world.

Theology for a messy world

We believe theology is applicable beyond the classroom and best realized when its truth is embodied in the context of people, places, and in the midst of the messiness of life and culture. Our biblical training is practical and contextual, preparing leaders to serve God in today’s fast-paced and ever changing world. Located in the heart of Philadelphia, we combine theology with practical ministry training to serve those in our city and around the world.

Unity in diversity

We don’t expect our professors and students to agree on everything. We encourage diversity, dialogue, and discovery. As a non-denominational school, we welcome students of diverse denominational, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds from around the globe. We believe that the mission of Christ is strengthened through those not afraid to ask questions and inquire beyond the status quo. There are no cookie-cutter students at Missio, only committed followers of Jesus, working to authentically follow Jesus into the world.

Practical & flexible programs

Whether full-time, part-time, or bi-vocational, our programs are designed to prepare and empower you to better follow Jesus in the world. We offer a wide range of practical ministry programs with education and training that is biblical, contextual and relevant to today’s fast-paced world. Whether you’re looking to gain a counselling license, pastor a church, serve overseas, or advance your theological understanding to better serve your community, Missio has a program and class schedule that can work for you.

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Our story

What’s Happening at Missio.

September 26: Engaging Post-Christian America

Come hear Dr. Frank James III speak on Engaging Post-Christian America. He will be addressing questions such as: Why engage? How do we engage?

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What if the Church Continued On With Business as Usual?

It is Sunday, July 21st, 2019 and the place to be on this 80 degree, partly overcast Sunday morning is not in a Sunday school class but on a corner with other individuals doing what Jesus did. This group of individuals has no tracts or Bibles. Instead, they possess the hope of the gospel, an Ask Me Why I’m Not In Church shirt and knowledge of how to participate in the redemption of individuals, families and communities. This is not a ‘one and done’ Sunday outing but rather, this group is intent on having an ongoing presence on this and other corners throughout the summer. They will seek to improve the conditions around them, whether that means sweeping up trash, engaging business owners, praying with and offering services and hope to young teen moms or empathizing with returning citizens who might be considering giving up.

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Missional Church

In Defense of Missional Theology: A Response to Mark Galli

Mark Galli, editor-in-chief of Christianity Today, has devoted a four-part series in Christianity Today to critiquing missional theology and evangelicalism’s embrace of the missional purpose of the church: see 1); 2); 3); 4)  Christianity Today has a well-earned reputation as being the publication of centrist evangelicalism (founded, as it is, by evangelical pillars Billy Graham and Carl F. H. Henry); and Mark Galli, its current editor-in-chief, has a well-earned reputation for level-headed, irenic analysis.

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Missio Joins the Digital Theological Library

The library is thrilled to announce that Missio has recently joined the Digital Theological Library, which is "a co-owned, born-digital library of religious and theological studies".

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What students are saying

“Counseling classes at Missio have helped us bring hope to those who are in this broken world.”

– Wendy Chou, MA in Counseling