Missio founding faculty member Dr. Robert C. Newman will be honored at an event on November 5-6, 2021, recognizing his work over the past fifty years as both a Christian scholar and an astrophysicist (PhD, Cornell University and author of Genesis One and the Origin of the Earth). Featured speakers include Dr. Michael Behe (professor at Lehigh University and author of Darwin’s Black Box), Dr. Perry Phillips (PhD, Cornell University, MDiv ’76 Missio Seminary), and, of course, Bob, who has the final lecture of the afternoon.

Congratulations, Dr. Newman. We’re proud of you and thankful for your lifetime of ministry! Here’s the link to register for this event (online and in person): Schedule for the November meeting, “Fifty years of science/faith interaction: A Tribute to Bob Newman” | The Christian Scientific Society

Dr. Newman provided his reflections March 2021. Please review below to reminisce with Dr. Newman.

As Missio continues celebrating 50 years of faithful ministry, Dr. Bob Newman (Emeritus Professor of New Testament) shares stories of the Biblical Theological Seminary/Missio younger years. We are deeply grateful for professors such as Dr. Newman, who were on the faculty and lived in the dorms in the early years. Dr. Newman recounts his experiences with faculty members and dorm-mates and it becomes quite clear that he and others poured their lives into the foundation of Biblical Theological Seminary/Missio. Current and future students stand on this biblical foundation of learning and living together on mission that Dr. Newman and others solidly built. Join us in celebrating God’s blessings upon Missio Seminary for the last 50 years as you enjoy the stories shared by Dr. Newman!