Friday Mornings: Come Pray With Us

Knowing that prayer is the primary work of the people of God, we will be hosting a prayer call via Zoom each Friday morning at 9 AM.

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Letter from a Birmingham Jail

On April 3, 1968, Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. gave his final and what proved to be a hauntingly prophetic speech.  

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A True Night of Praise

We did have a BIG party November 21 at our new Callowhill location: over 200 people came to our celebration of praise.

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New Location Update

We have been on a twisting, winding and thoroughly surprising journey these last six months. I can’t say it has always been fun, but it has been interesting. We thought we were…

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The Living Gospel

It is a powerful testimony to the watching world when Christians live out the Gospel amid tragedies such as in hurricane Katrina, the tsunami disaster, the Haitian earthquake or…

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Remembering September 11, 2001

Today we remember the 9/11 tragedy of 17 years ago — the abrupt loss of life, the dazed faces of dust-covered women and men who made it out of the towers alive and the sheer…

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And Ain’t I a Woman

In February we honor African Americans and in March we honor women who have played important roles in history. I would like to combine these two remembrances and introduce you to…

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