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In order to achieve licensure as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), counselors typically need to fulfill requirements in three areas: academic, national examination, and counseling hours.

Missio provides the opportunity for CCEF students to possibly convert their non-accredited CCEF credits to accredited credits.

“As we look more closely at life, it becomes clearer and clearer that Scripture is about counseling: diagnostic categories, causal explanations of behavior and emotion, interpretation of external sufferings and influences, definitions of workable solutions, character of the counselor, goals for the counseling process…These are all matters to which God speaks directly, specifically, and frequently. He calls us to listen attentively, to think hard and well, and to develop our practical theology of conversational ministry.”

– David Powlison Faculty and Executive Director, CCEF

How can CCEF accredited credits be used?

There are several ways to use your credits. (Please see the CCEF Credit Conversion Form for more details.)

Converted credits may be applied to several Missio degree programs including our Master of Arts in Counseling (pre-licensure program) and MA in Ministry Degree (with Counseling Concentration). They can also be used as electives towards completing a Master of Divinity or towards any other Master of Arts programs.

Can CCEF converted course credits fulfill state licensure requirements for the LPC?

Each state licensing board determines acceptance of course titles and course content. Missio cannot guarantee that converted CCEF courses or courses transferred from other accredited institutions will be accepted by state licensing boards. Converted CCEF courses and other courses transferred in appear on the Missio transcript with the original course title. The licensing board may request your CCEF course syllabi as well as any syllabi from other institutions. We recommend that you communicate directly with your state’s licensing board to ensure the acceptability of the courses. For more information on state licensure boards ACA State Professional Counselor Licensure Board webpage.

Steps to Convert CCEF Credits

Many CCEF courses may be transferred into our degree programs. Please follow the steps below and allow a decision to be made within one week of receiving your Credit Conversion Form and transcripts.

Step 1:

Complete an undergraduate degree from any instituion.

Step 2:

Register for CCEF Courses through their website.

CCEF Website

Step 3:

Complete the course with a 3.0/B or higher grade.

Step 4:

Complete forms to convert courses to Missio credits.

CCEF Conversion FormCCEF Course App

Step 5:

Complete and Submit to Missio the CCEF Accredited Course Non-Degree Application, CCEF Credit Conversion form, official undergraduate transcript, and CCEF Transcripts.

Submit Form to Missio

Notes on Converting CCEF courses to Missio credits:

Beginning with the 2014‐15 academic year, you will pay Missio $300 per CCEF credit you want converted to Missio accredited credits.

Only CCEF courses completed after 2004 are eligible to be converted.

Transfer options into Missio Degree Programs

Use the chart below to help determine whether a course you completed can be converted into one of our degree programs

CCEF Courses (credits)Master of Arts in Counseling
M.A. in Ministry,
Counseling Concentration
Other Missio MDiv / MA Programs
Dynamics of Biblical Change (3)ElectiveElective Elective
Counseling and the Local Church (2)ElectiveElective Elective
Child and Adolescent Counseling (3)CoreElectiveElective
Marriage and Counseling (3)CoreElectiveElective
Counseling and Physiology (2)Core **ElectiveElective
Human Personality (3)ElectiveElectiveElective
Helping Relationships Methods
Methods of Biblical Change (3)
N/ACore (Sub for Pastoral Counseling)Core - MDiv
Elective - MA
Biblical Interpretation (3)Core (Sub for Counseling and the Bible 1) or ElectiveCore (Sub for Authentic Biblical Interpretation)Elective
Essential Qualities of a Biblical Counselor (2)ElectiveElectiveElective
Theology and Secular Psychology (3)ElectiveElectiveElective
Counseling Observation (2)ElectiveElectiveElective
Counseling Problems and Procedures (3)Core (Sub for Psychopathology)Core (Sub for Psychopathology)Elective

* It is possible to bring up to 17 CCEF credits into the MAC program (up to 11 core credits and 6 elective credits).

** 1 more credit will be needed since Missio’s course is 3 credits.

How do CCEF converted credits transfer into programs at other institutions?

CCEF converted credits are accredited credits that meet the qualifications for graduate-level education. These courses may be eligible for transfer to other graduate institutions. However, Missio does not guarantee that converted credits will be accepted by another institution. Every institution sets their own policies regarding the transfer of courses into their degree programs. It is the student’s responsibility to investigate transfer credit policies with the institution.

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