Who Can Audit?

Missio encourages everyone to take advantage of the wide range of courses offered at the seminary. Most individuals enroll for academic credit in pursuit of a degree program. An auditor is extended the opportunity to enroll in classes for personal enrichment without receiving academic credit, as space allows.

The level of participation by an auditing student is determined by the instructor. The auditing student may complete assignments and take any tests given to the class, but faculty members will not grade this work or provide any feedback. Students who are not pursuing a degree may audit a class after completing a non-degree application from the Admission Office.

Audit fees vary per program and can be obtained from the student development department or Business Office. There is no refund for dropped audits once the class has begun. Students may sign up to audit a class at any point in the term (the audit fee remains the same). Those who wish to change from audit to credit must do so before the end of the first week of classes. In addition, advanced standing will not be granted for any course previously audited. Students who have passed a course at Missio may audit the same class at no charge.

Auditors do not need to complete out of class assignments and will not receive a grade for the course. Audited courses would not be eligible for transfer into any program at Missio since auditors are not matriculated students.

Audit Classes and Financial Aid

There are three important things to know about auditing courses in relation to Financial Aid:

(1) If Missio requires a student to audit a course for which they transferred in credits, there is no charge for the audit. If the student chooses to audit a course for which they’ve already received credit, the student will be required to pay the audit fee (1/3 of full tuition).

(2) Church Match program and Missio discounts/grants do not apply to audit courses (ex. MAC Grant, Referral/Alumni discount, etc.).

(3) Church Match programs apply only to Missio credits for a specific degree program.

Classes Available for Auditing

All classes are available for auditing, with the following exceptions:

– MAC courses delivered in a cohort format
– Advanced professional counseling courses
– Greek and Hebrew language courses, unless the specific course has already been completed for credit

Compare Auditing Fees Across Programs

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