When Moderation and Justice Collide

Somehow justice, mercy, and humility belong together in a Christian social ethic. I think that is at least part of what MLK was telling us.

A Catalyst for Senior Pastoral Leadership

An excerpt on Senior Leadership from Pastor Keon Gerow and Dr. Sean Wise


This page explains the history behind our Missio logo.

Biblical Seminary Memories with Dr. Newman

As Missio continues celebrating 50 years of faithful ministry, Dr. Bob Newman shares stories of the BTS/Missio younger years.

MISSIO on MISSION to Share Some Good News

Enjoy anecdotes from our amazing alums, new & exciting stories from current students, and experience the passion that goes into teaching…

Interview: Former Missio Board Chair Richard Yeskoo

As Missio continues celebrating 50 years of faithful ministry, Former Missio Board Chair (1992-1999), Richard Yeskoo shares historical…

Journal of Urban Mission 7:1

Volume 7 Issue 1 is dedicated to the theme of #churchtoo. Abuse of power and leadership failures may be nothing new in churches, but that…

Recognition of Juneteenth

Juneteenth is a recognition of Black American life and resilience, and honors the contributions of Black Americans to this country.

Dr. Heath on Self-Care

Rev. Dr. Heath reminds us that self-care is not selfish, but important for our mental, physical, spiritual and emotional care so we can…

Statement on the Chauvin Verdict

The video of the death of George Floyd still haunts us today. Seeing George Floyd slowly and painfully lose his life, has left us…