MISSIO Seminary has been 50 years in the making (1971-2021) and we are still listening and learning and growing. It has been nearly 20 years since Biblical Seminary took the missional turn and reconfigured its identity and curriculum. It eventually led to a name change in 2018 (to MISSIO Seminary) and to relocation to the city of Philadelphia in 2019. In recognition and celebration of our missional identity, MISSIO will be launching a series of webinars throughout 2021, including this first video premiere which centers on our missional identity. We will have three MISSIO professors illumine various aspects of the missional perspective:

Please join us for this seminar that will be premiered on February 11th and for the following webinars throughout the year.

Recorded Webinar Premiering
on Facebook & YouTube
February 11, 2021
7-8pm EST (add to Calendar)

Facilitator & Panelists: