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As one of the first Korean students at Biblical Theological Seminary (now Missio), Rev. Ki Bong Kang (MDiv ’86, ThM ’87) has a deep appreciation for his best professors while he studied MDiv and ThM courses. He used to serve as a member of the board of Trustees at Biblical Theological Seminary. He is now working on publishing several books in both Korean and Chinese to reach out the Chinese souls.

Join us for more seminary history as we continue our 50th Anniversary celebration:

Rev. Chulkyun Shin (ThM 2020, president of Hichurch Ministry & AK Taekwondo master) thought seriously about how to live out the Gospel as he communicates it with the people around him. Collaborating with two other students from Missio Seminary, he founded a ministry to study and educate practical ways to say “Hi” to the people in the world. He also teaches Taekwondo to meet various people with his athletic talent. Join us for more thoughts about how Missio Seminary helps prepare students to follow Jesus into the world:

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