The President’s Cabinet has been carefully monitoring the situation with COVID-19 to determine whether or not we will be able to have classes on-ground in the spring semester (February-June). We, of course, want to be back in person with you as soon as possible but have decided that it would be best to continue to hold courses in an online, synchronous format over zoom for the spring semester. Several important factors have been key in the decision making process including:

  • First and foremost the health of our students, with special consideration for the large number of students in our community who are in high-risk population groups, particularly the African-American community which has already been hit hard by the virus in Philly;
  • The trajectory of the virus in Philadelphia and the surrounding counties and states (see this website for one of the metrics we have used to track the rise and fall), which has been steadily rising; and,
  • The educational quality we could provide in online, hybrid, or on-ground formats.

Staff continue to work on a rotating schedule in the office (no more than 10 at a time and telework when possible). When on campus, everyone is being asked to take their temperature when then enter the building, use hand sanitizer/wash their hands regularly, and wear a mask when in the open office spaces. The spaces are being sanitized regularly. As noted previously, you may use this link to schedule an appointment to e the library. Please contact individual offices if you need to make an in-person appointment otherwise and make an effort to do business remotely when possible.

As with you, we are praying for a slowing of the virus and an eventual vaccine that will allow us to meet together again soon.

On behalf of the President’s Cabinet,

Julie Cowen, MA
Registrar/Director of Academic Services