Matthew Casada

Adjunct Faculty



Originally from Knoxville, TN, Matt moved to Orlando in July of 2010 to begin working towards a Masters in Counseling which he completed in July of 2012. During his time in grad school, Matt met and dated his wife Ryan who is also a counselor in the greater Orlando area.

Prior to working as a counselor, Matt worked teaching music to middle and high school students. Because of his experience in the past, Matt has a passion for working with adolescent clients, their parents, and family as a whole, understanding what a difficult season of life it can be for the entire family.

Additionally, it was during Matt’s Masters work that he underwent a life-changing physical transition. Having been an athlete in high school, Matt slowly added more and more weight each year, using food to control and manage some of the difficult realities of his life. Over the course of two years, many hours of walking/running, and a changed diet, Matt lost upwards of 100 pounds. His own personal journey in this realm of life allows great empathy and insight into the emotional and mental aspects of weight loss.

Matt works with clients facing depression, anxiety, addiction, relational problems, loneliness, life transitions, grief, and issues around eating.

He enjoys running, walking with his wife and dogs, playing guitar, reading, sketching, and unhurried time with friends.