Missio Seminary is following Jesus into the world and may soon have a new partner joining us in that work! At its meeting on February 10, the board of Missio Seminary voted to engage in next-step conversations with Kairos University about opportunities for partnership and collaboration.

While much remains to be discussed, we can already tell you we are excited about what God may have in store for the future. As Missio Seminary continues to enhance and expand its work, we are blessed by the opportunity to partner with others who share our commitment to incarnate and communicate the story of Jesus.

Kairos University is a global university recognized as one of the most innovative institutions engaged in theological education. By God’s grace, we believe a partnership between our schools will not only make education more affordable and accessible for students of Missio Seminary but also open doors to new opportunities, programs, and partnerships in the city of Philadelphia and around the world!

As our conversations with Kairos progress over the coming months, we will provide regular updates regarding this exciting endeavor and how it will enrich the mission of Missio Seminary.

If you have questions, feel free to email us at president@missio.edu