Dr. Jayne Wilcox

Adjunct Faculty


Dr. Wilcox has served in church ministry and leadership roles for 29 years beginning as a part-time worship director and after graduating from Missio Seminary as full-time lead pastor at the Highland Park Community Brethren Church in Levittown, PA. Jayne’s passion is for the church—the local, small church where endless acts of love and generosity happen every Sunday and also through the rest of the week as the church moves out into the neighborhood. She is also smitten with the Church universal—the rich diversity of peoples, structures, gifts, rituals, and practices that are the collective community of God made visible to the world—so much so that in 2016 she completed a ThD from LaSalle University in Catholic Studies/Ecclesiology doing research in church models and ecclesial structures for a post-institutional American Catholic Church. Jayne currently serves as a pastor-elder at Highland Park Community Church, which is a team-led, sacred family that meets together in the brick and mortar church for two hours each week while local community groups use it during the other 166 hours of the week. When requested, she does guest preaching and seminars at several local faith communities. As a full-time adjunct professor, Dr. Wilcox teaches college students that religion still matters. She lives in Levittown, PA with her husband and their two sons, Seth and Kobe. Seth is currently a student at PSU Main and Kobe is an airman first class in the US Air Force.


BS, Messiah College

MDiv, Missio Seminary

ThD, LaSalle University