Narcissism and the System It Breeds Quiz

To receive credit for completing this online continuing education seminar worth 1.5 credits, you will need to correctly answer 7 of 10 questions.

1. What draws systems or organizations to accept narcissistic leaders?

2. Narcissists generally do not believe the lies they speak:

3. Narcissistic apologies often emphasize:

4. According to an NIH study, what percentage of the American population meets criteria for Narcissistic Personality Disorder?

5. According to the lecture, Adolph Hitler said that deception is best served with large portions of:

6. At its heart, Narcissism is about:

7. According to the speaker, Christian institutions are susceptible to narcissistic leaders because:

8. What protects us from becoming narcissistic leaders?

9. Counselors and helpers who want to help narcissistic leaders must:

10. According to the speaker, narcissistic systems may be depressed/vulnerable or superior/prideful.