Making the Church a Safe Place for Trauma Victims Quiz

To receive credit for completing this online continuing education seminar worth 2.0 credits, you will need to correctly answer 7 of 10 questions.

1. According to this presentation, one reason many trauma victims find it difficult to feel safe in the church is due to:

2. According to the lecture, encouraging a victim to lament will lead to greater despair.

3. Dangerous counseling interventions include:

4. According to this lecture, the secret ingredient to trauma is:

5. Which of the following signs reveal true repentance in an offender?

6. “Second injuries” (e.g., not being believed when disclosing trauma) are reported to be more traumatic than the original trauma.

7. Counselors should do all but which of the following:

8. Individuals with PTSD are more likely to recall rather than relive their trauma memories.

9. According to this lecture, one of the main causes of complex trauma is:

10. Compared to Borderline Personality Disorder, individuals with complex trauma usually experience less dissociation.