Missio Seminary has immediate openings for Part-Time Technology Teaching Assistants (TTAs)

For the fall of 2021 term, Missio Seminary will be hiring a group of TTAs, who will be responsible to ensure that, in a hybrid classroom, both the in-class students and the remote students on Zoom have a high quality educational experience. TTAs will need to be highly competent using Zoom, setting up breakout rooms, sharing screen and monitoring the chat box. They will also need to efficiently follow the instructor’s lead and pass on information to the instructor and the class with minimal distraction. The TTA will set up the in-class computer, TV monitor, video and audio equipment. During class they will help remote students troubleshoot problems with cameras, mics, and speakers.

TTAs will work in set time slots which will include multiple classes over the entire semester (September through January). Most of these classes are three credits.

  • Daytime
    • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
    • 9:00-4:00
    • 2 classes per day
  • Monday nights
    • 4:00-10:30
    • 2-3 classes per night
    • occasional Saturday
  • Tuesday nights
    • 5:30-10:15
    • each class lasts 5 weeks (plus 1 Saturday)
    • 4 classes from September-January
  • Thursday nights
    • 5:30-10:15
    • each class lasts 3 weeks (plus 1 Saturday)
    • 6 classes from September-January

The TTA is a part-time on-campus position. This position is open to students and alum, and meets the criteria for F1 visa student workers.

$500 for a 3 credit course
$350 for a 2 credit course
$250 for a 1 credit course.

For a full job description contact careers@mssio.edu. Applicants should email their resume to:

If interested in these positions please submit a resume’ and cover letter (including the time slots you are available to work) to:

HR Manager
Missio Seminary
421 N 7th Street, Suite 700
Philadelphia, PA 10123