Child Sexual Abuse Survivors and Malleability

People often comment about the resiliency of children when they are facing devastating circumstances such as divorce, death of a parent or…

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Counseling a Dangerous Profession?

I wonder how many of us who are involved in counseling think of ourselves as engaging in a dangerous profession? After all, I am sitting in…

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Making Barrios Beautiful

Every so often in my life, God has taken part of His Word and pushed me deeper into its meaning than ever before. He did that for me last…

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The Spiritual Impact of Abuse

We know from both the literature and from experience that trauma and abuse violate every aspect of the child—their world, their self, their…

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Our Backwards Savior

The radical nature of Christianity is becoming more apparent to me as time goes by. It is my hope and prayer that this recognition is the…

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Regarding Jerry Sandusky, Institutions, and Hating the Right Thing

Jerry Sandusky: football hero. Jerry Sandusky: non-profit charity for troubled boys. Jerry Sandusky: pedophile.

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Participating in the #RubyWooPilgrimage

Thirty-five women from fifteen states, with a joint online reach of over ten million people, participated in a five day journey through our…

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Working with Chronic, Ongoing Trauma

Most trauma recovery interventions assume that the traumatic experience of a client is now over. But what of the person who continues to…

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Considering Systemic Abuse: Impact and Response

At the 2015 Community of Practice put on by the American Bible Society’s Trauma Healing Institute, Dr. Diane Langberg spoke about systemic…

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And Ain’t I a Woman

In February we honor African Americans and in March we honor women who have played important roles in history. I would like to combine…

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June 9 Event: 47th Annual Commencement

Please join us on June 9, 2018 to celebrate our 47th annual commencement!

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Philadelphia Seminary

Should You Get A Doctorate in Counseling or Psychology?

In recent weeks, I have had several students ask me about the pros/cons of doctoral programs in psychology. I would point those who know…

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